Jul 28, 2014
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Old Port Jeff Station Schoolhouse, Now a Parking Lot

Historical photo depicts Echo Public School on Terryville Road

Old Port Jeff Station Schoolhouse, Now a Parking Lot

On Monday we asked readers to guess what the Port Jefferson Station building in the above picture used to be.

The picture, taken by local shows a white building that was once a church and at the time the photo was snapped was being used as a schoolhopuse.

According to Port Jefferson village historian , Public School on Terryville Road in Port Jefferson Station was originally a Baptist Church. In the photo caption on the village's historical archive he goes on to decribe its history and current use:

...the building was moved to Port Jefferson Station after the Comsewogue-Terryville School District was established in 1874. The schoolhouse is no longer standing, its site now a parking lot for post office vehicles.

The scan is from a postcard that has a postmark date on it from June 8, 1906. To see the photo on the village's website, click here.

This photo is from the historical archive on portjeff.com, the official website of the village of Port Jefferson. Used with permission. Head over to the archive to view thousands of historical photos.

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