Jul 28, 2014
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You Tell Us: Big Ideas for Making Port Jefferson Better

With so many issues, locals are bound to have their own big ideas for bettering their community. Let's share them.

You Tell Us: Big Ideas for Making Port Jefferson Better

Port Jefferson village and Port Jefferson Station have their share of problems. Officials hope to balance revitalization of the Upper Port Jefferson area while addressing the complaints about homelessness and crime around the train station, vacancies dot the landscape from Route 347 to Port Jefferson Harbor. Taxes are on the rise in both Comsewogue and Port Jefferson school districts, while the village and school face the threat of a LIPA tax grievance cutting revenue almost in half in some cases.

It's times like these that people get to thinking about the home they love so much, coming up with their own ideas, be them wild stretches of the imagination or practical fixes that are altogether doable, to keep the Port Jefferson and Port Jefferson Station areas great into the forseeable future.

So let's hear them.

In the spirit of putting the local dreamer and the civic leaders on the same plane, we'd like to give all locals the opportunity to share their big ideas. In this forum, no idea should be shot down. Instead, let's gather as many suggestions as we can so we can later narrow the list down to the 10 most popular ideas for the community.

We can't wait to hear what you come up with.

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