23 Aug 2014
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Beehives In Port? You Bet

Dodge House honeybees visiting local gardens.

Beehives In Port? You Bet Beehives In Port? You Bet Beehives In Port? You Bet Beehives In Port? You Bet

That busy bee working in your garden may have just flown over from it's honeybee apiary condo located at Port's historic landmark  situated at the tip of Mill Pond. Now that it's spring and temperatures are above 50 degrees, worker bees are active and flying in a three mile radius around town collecting pollen and nectar to bring back to their hive.  

For the past seven years Ross Ber, an eighth generation beekeeper, has been maintaining hives of domesticated honeybees near the operational antique farm where organic vegatables are grown. According to Ber his Berzbeez hives produced an amazing 350 pounds of honey last season. Once he collects the honey from the site it's used exclusively for private label "Dodge House Honey" that is sold at the Cow Neck Peninsula Historical Society county fair that takes place each September.  

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