Jul 30, 2014
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Keep Safe While Power Is Off

What to do or not do in an outage.

Keep Safe While Power Is Off

With thousads of customers in North Hempstead still without power,  caution is the byword. For those without electricity, the  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offers these tips:

  • To prevent carbon monoxide poisoning, use generators, pressure washers, grills, and similar items outdoors only.
  • If the power is out longer than two hours, throw away food that has a temperature higher than 40°F.
  • Check with local authorities to be sure your water is safe.
  • In hot weather, stay cool and drink plenty of fluids to prevent heat-related illness.
  • Wear layers of clothing, which help to keep in body heat.
  • Avoid power lines and use electric tools and appliances safely to prevent electrical shock.
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