Jul 29, 2014
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10 Sex Offenders Hit With Felony Failure to Notice Charges

Convicted sex offenders allegedly failed to notify police of change of address.

10 Sex Offenders Hit With Felony Failure to Notice Charges

Southampton Police said on Saturday that 10 convicted sex offenders have since failed to notify authorities of their address changes, and charged all 10 with felonies.

The reported failure to report new addresses seemingly come after at least nine of the 10 were released from Suffolk County Jail, according to a cross-reference with the New York State Sex Offender Registry. Nine of the 10 are currently listed as 'incarcerated' on the state website, while one - Richard Ramos - is not even listed on the website.

Nine of the ten were charged with failure to notify a new change of address. Lucas Rivera was charged with failure to personally verify address with local law enforcement every 90 days.

Of the nine found on the website, seven are listed as level 3 sex offenders, considered the most likely to commit another sex crime.

NameLevelLast listed addressRichard Ramos - Unlisted in registry John Shelton 3 Suffolk County Jail Jason Bullock 3 Suffolk County Jail Carl Graves 2 Suffolk County Jail James Stoutmire 3 Suffolk County Jail William Keene 3 Suffolk County Jail Robert Trocchio 3 Suffolk County Jail John Martinolich 2 Suffolk County Jail Benjamin Griffin 3 Suffolk County Jail Lucas Rivera 3 Suffolk County Jail

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