Jul 30, 2014
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County Seeks to Grant Riverhead $8 Million For Sewer Upgrade

Steve Bellone is expected to bring good news to Riverhead Monday.

County Seeks to Grant Riverhead $8 Million For Sewer Upgrade
Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone is set to announce over $26 million in funding for economic development projects — with Riverhead Town slated to receive the biggest piece of the pie.

Bellone is scheduled to hold a press conference at the wastewater treatment plant on River Avenue on Monday to announce the grants and loans in five communities, which will target several sewer infrastructure projects.

The largest recipient would be Riverhead, which would receive an $8.09 million grant to upgrade their sewer plant, and up to $4.05 million in loans.

Expected to attend the event are Bellone, Suffolk County Legislator Al Krupski, Riverhead Town Supervisor Sean Walter, and Adrienne Esposito, Executive Director of the Citizens Campaign for the Environment.

Of the proposed funding, Walter said, "I'm ecstatic. It's wonderful. One of the things that I'm happy to see is that the county realizes that not only is Enterprise Park at Calverton an economic engine, but Route 58 and downtown Riverhead are economic engines for the entire county."

Sales tax revenue generated from Route 58 businesses benefit all of Suffolk County, Walter said.

"And the sewage treatment plant enables those stoees to be built," Walter said. "I'm very grateful that the county executive and the Legislature recognize this, in awarding a grant as large as this."

Walter said he is unsure whether the town would take loans offered by the county, with opportunities available through other avenues for a zero percent interest rate.

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