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The Ferret: What You Need to Know

The ferret is the third most popular uncaged pet in America, behind the dog and cat. What should you know before you get one for yourself?

The Ferret: What You Need to Know

Most Riverhead pet owners — or even pet lovers — have been to the local . Inside the sliding glass doors and slightly up the aisle, many people stop to gaze at the sometimes sleeping, sometimes playing ferrets in their glass-enclosed habitat.

Ferrets have increased greatly in popularity as domestic pets in America over the last thirty years. Originally brought to the United States to be vermin exterminators, they slowly transitioned into the life most pets lead today.

Ferret Facts:

  • Ferrets are relatives of weasels, badgers, and skunks.
  • Ferrets live, generally, 7-8 years.
  • Ferrets should be kept in a metal or glass cages with blankets, wood scrapings or other soft material so they can rest.
  • Like a cat, a ferret should be litter box trained.
  • Similar to cats and dogs, ferrets require veterinary care including vaccinations. Ferrets must also be neutered.
  • Female ferrets are called jills. Male ferrets are called hobs.
  • Like other pets, ferrets need food and water. Ferret designed food is not always readily available, but high protein cat food can also be used.
  • If a ferret is left out in the open in a room, the room should be safeguarded. Ferrets can squeeze into very small spaces, so any hole over 1 1/2 inches in width should be covered.

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