22 Aug 2014
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Walter Deploying Town Crews To Plow Wading River

The supervisor said help is on the way for residents who have been without a snow plow.

Walter Deploying Town Crews To Plow Wading River Walter Deploying Town Crews To Plow Wading River Walter Deploying Town Crews To Plow Wading River Walter Deploying Town Crews To Plow Wading River Walter Deploying Town Crews To Plow Wading River

After the snow began to fall, snow plows began the task of digging out around Riverhead.

But, according to residents in Wading River, nary a snow plow was to be seen.

"Where are the snow plows? In Wading River NE? Nothing, not one came through here. This is insane. We have 30" of snow; Riverhead should be ready for this and not have a problem. Are we back in the 1930s? If there is an emergency, we are screwed," wrote Diane Smith on Riverhead Patch's Facebook page. "I'm very disappointed. We are all working families here that have to get out tomorrow morning safely. Lots of plowing, sanding, and slating need to be done here."

"We are trapped in our neighborhood, no information provided on local news station for Riverhead Town and no announcements made on the Riverhead TV channel," wrote a reader named Diane on Riverhead Patch's Facebook page. "In the event of emergency we have no access out of our development; we are also located on South Road, Wading River. A little information would go a long way. Haven't we learned anything from Hurricane Sandy?"

Riverhead Town Supervisor Sean Walter responded Sunday morning: "The answer is, there's a lot of snow," he said. Walter, who lives in Wading River, said he understood residents' concerns.

"What I'm doing is redeploying building and grounds trucks to Wading River," the supervisor said.

Walter said he had deployed "every available asset out there," including vehicles from the sewer, building and grounds, and water departments.

"We ask residents for patience -- but we'll get it done," the supervisor said.

Riverhead Town, meanwhile, remains in a snow emergency, Walter said, adding that navigating the roads is "tough going," for residents without four-wheel drive, front wheel drive or a high axle SUV.

Roads, Walter said, still have a few inches of ice stuck to the asphalt, especially the side and secondary roads. Primary roads, he said, should be open and passable on Sunday with Highway Superintendant George "Gio" Woodson then focusing on secondary roads.

Cars do remain stranded in certain part of town, Walter said. "People left their cars in places they shouldn't be," he said. "But you can't dictate common sense."

The town vehicles were expected to head to Wading River Sunday morning.

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