21 Aug 2014
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If Astorino runs for Governor will he still get his full time county exec salary?

 A few questions you may want to ask the County Executive...1) If the County Executive decides to run for Governor how many hours a week will he be devoting to his job as County Executive?2) Will he agree to punch in (time clock) like other employees so taxpayers can  make sure he actually goes to  work?3) If he is out of Westchester most of the time --raising funds or meeting with GOP officials around the state--will he still accept his full time salary?4) Should the County Executive's salary (if he runs for Governor) be paid for by his campaign re-election committee? 
Rob has a million dollars. Cuomo has over 30 million. To be credible Rob Astorino needs to raise tens of millions of dollars. That's going to take many hours -its almost impossible to devote less than full time to a credible Governors campaign.I feel that the voters were misled. Rob raised over 4 million dollars for his successful re-election campaign for County Executive. If he was planning to run for Governor he should have disclosed his intentions during his campaign for County Executive. Rob didn't even wait hours before he started his campaign for Governor. Immediately after he won he packed his bags to meet with state officials in Puerto Rico--starting his campaign for Governor. He continued with meetings with Gov Christie and Republican Governors. And, almost every day he's travelling around the state meeting with Republican leaders and potential funders talking about his campaign. We should have been told that he was going to do that before election day.What do you think?PAUL FEINERGreenburgh Town Supervisor

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