22 Aug 2014
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Decorating Tips for Your Home

Instruction and information for a do it yourself design that everyone can handle.

Decorating Tips for Your Home Decorating Tips for Your Home Decorating Tips for Your Home Decorating Tips for Your Home Decorating Tips for Your Home Decorating Tips for Your Home Decorating Tips for Your Home

Everyone has a room in their home that needs a little love. Why not jazz it up and add a sense of style that won't only look great, but completes the entire room? Here's some easy tips to create a more homey space and well-designed atmosphere. With a little guidance, anyone can do this. The main thing to remember is balance. You want to think of the bigger picture, so that the final result looks complete and well put together.  

General Decorating

A great tip for placing items is grouping them in threes. Sometimes when you put two things together, it feels like something is missing. Three is the perfect number! Keep this in mind when you're decorating any space in your home. If you want to shop around for some new items try the Crowne Shoppe on Sunrise Highway. They have some really cute nicknacks.

It's OK to mix patterns, but make sure they relate to one another. Whether by color or theme, they shouldn't contrast with each other.  

Play with textures! No one wants to be in a flat room. Choose your textures wisely and get creative. Having a high-textured rug in the room brings warmth and depth to any space, especially when your furniture may be a little cold (metals and glass).  Add some patterned curtains and fun pillows, and the whole room will feel lifted.

Wall Space

Remember that when hanging photos and framed pieces, the middle should always be at eye level.  If you're shorter than most people, just raise it an inch or two. I go nuts when I visit people's homes and they have pictures hanging almost from the ceiling. Whoa!  If you have frames that run along the lines of your doorways, that's a no no.  Who lives with you?  The Jolly Green Giant!

Also, try not to make your home look like a gallery or museum. Not everything has to be placed in a row.  Sometimes, depending on the piece, you can raise one of them so they're not so streamlined. You want your house to look lived in, not like a museum.


Organize your books into categories. Either group them by color, by size or both.  It's also good to keep certain subjects together so you can find what you're looking for in a pinch. 

Sometimes it's cool to have a section of old vintage books to add a sense of history to a room. Shop the online store at the  Village Bookshoppe on North Village Avenue to check out their selection.  I'm sure you'll find something!

If you're a collector, this is a great opportunity to let your collectibles shine. You don't want too many, so make sure you pick your favorites. The  New Leaf Garden Center on North Long Beach Road carries vintage-inspired finds that have a natural feel to them. You might find some treasure there!

Always keep some space around the items and don't crowd the shelves. You want your book shelf to stand out, not just one particular item, so keep with general themes.

Bringing the Outside In

It's good to keep the outside of your home in mind when designing a space. What do you see when you look out the window?  Is there a lot of green from leaves on a tree? Try to bring the outside in and highlight how beautiful it is. Decorate with some neutral colors like greens, browns and blues, and that tree will feel like a part of your home.

Think about light when choosing your curtains or shades. Is there a lot of light coming in a window or not enough?  If it's not enough, then I suggest you get blinds with a sheer curtain. That way you can block the light when you need to, but it will let the sunshine through the sheers beautifully. Stop by  Home Goods on North Village Avenue and check out their collection. I love that store!

An easy way to brighten up any room is to bring in flowers. Not only will it make you smile, but it'll smell good too. Gotta love natural air fresheners! Stop by Masters & Co. Florist on South Village Avenue and pick up a bouquet. 

The whole point of design is to attract and submerge. You want people interested in what you created and then happily drown in the sweetness of your work. I'm telling you, a few simple makeovers like this will add a modern and clever touch to any space. 

If you're like me, you'll want to rearrange every room in the house! I absolutely love doing things like this. Not only because I'm a designer, but it really relaxes me. Good Luck!

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