Jul 27, 2014
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Rockville Centre School Officials React to Connecticut Shooting

School officials offer tips to help in talking to children about the tragedy.

Rockville Centre School Officials React to Connecticut Shooting

School districts across the region are responding to the shooting tragedy in a Connecticut Elementary school with assurances that emergency preparations are in place and up to date.

Rockville Centre Schools Superintendent Dr. William H. Johnson published a letter on the district website, addressing the incident and it affect on the school community.

Johnson said safety and security policies are regularly reviewed and practiced.

  • the doors of the elementary and middle schools are locked
  • security cameras are in place at all buildings
  • security guards are on site at the middle and high school

"We are fortunate that within the Rockville Centre School District we have our own police department and that response time, which is crucial in emergency situations, would be within minutes," Johnson wrote.

Johnson said they are not initiating conversations about the tragedy with elementary school students, however staff will respond if questions are posted to them.

"That being said, we are fully prepared with guidance counselors, psychologists and social workers in all of our buildings to provide whatever counseling and support may be needed should any of our students show signs of stress of require such intervention."

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