Jul 28, 2014

Alvarez on APPR Plan; Scholastic and Athletic Accomplishments

A message from Rye City School District Superintendent Frank Alvarez.

Alvarez on APPR Plan; Scholastic and Athletic Accomplishments

Dear Community Members,

The school year is well underway now that we have entered October, and we have already seen some excellent accomplishments take place in our buildings. Fourteen of our high school students have received recognition from the National Merit Scholarship Program; five were named Semifinalists, and nine were honored as Commended Students. We will be presenting them with special acknowledgments at the October 23 Board of Education meeting and welcome all who would like to attend and join us in congratulating their achievements. 

Our athletes have started a successful season as well, and the Parsons Street Players will be showcasing their fall production, And Then There Were None, during the weekend of October 12. 

In other news, we are pleased to have submitted our APPR plan to the State Education Department, from which we are now awaiting approval. The plan reflects the collaborative efforts of our teachers and administrators, who put in a great deal of time over the summer to participate in our discussions and negations. I believe the plan, coupled with the Common Core Learning Standards shifts, will put us in a good place in terms of student achievement and teacher effectiveness, two of our district goals.

You will be hearing more about our goals and APPR plan in the coming months.


Frank Alvarez

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