Jul 28, 2014

A Fresh Start In Rye

On a slippery rainy morning the City of Rye, had their Inauguration Ceremony for newly elected officials. The ceremony took place in the City Council Chambers.

A Fresh Start In Rye

Councilwoman Laura U. Brett gave the welcoming remarks and was the master of ceremonies for the City of Rye Inauguration Ceremony.


“County Legislator Parker, Councilman McCartney, Councilwoman Killian Councilwoman Bucci, that sounds nice. Friends, family and citizens of Rye, this is a new year, a new administration and a new beginning. Today we have a chance for a fresh start in Rye”, said Mayor Joseph A. Sack after being sworn in as Rye’s new Mayor to a full audience.


Mayor Sack stated, “We aim to restore faith and trust in the way that our city is run. We can truly make Rye united once again. At the Christmas concert at the Osborn School the melody makers sang a reindeer rap with a refrain, “Without us, Santa’s nothing,” and my kids altered the words, and sang, “Without Mommy, Daddy’s nothing.”


” I have been asked, what makes an effective mayor and my answer now is the same as it has been before, A thick skin, a sense of humor and a heavy dose of humility.”

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