21 Aug 2014
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[Update] Jason L. Mehler Announces Rye Board of Education Candidacy, Receives Endorsement

[Update] Jason L. Mehler Announces Rye Board of Education Candidacy, Receives Endorsement
This story was updated at 2:20 p.m. on Wednesday, April 30, to include the text of the full endorsement from the Committee for Election Equality:

Local real estate broker Jason L. Mehler has announced his candidacy for the Rye Board of Education.

According to an email Mehler forwarded to the press from the Rye City School District, he successfully obtained the necessary number of signatures (100) to be placed on the ballot this fall.

Mehler, who ran unsuccessfully for the Rye City Council in 2013, is a member of the Rye Town Park Advisory Committee and serves on the Rye Recreation Commission.  

Below is Mehler's announcement:

An abuse of power and abuse of our tax dollars by the current Board of Education has gone unchecked for too long. It is for this reason - and many others - that I announce my candidacy for the school board in the Rye City School District.
While the district faces a $3.8 million budget shortfall, waste continues. As a real estate agent in this community, not a day goes by that I don't hear complaints from seniors, especially those on a fixed income, that this present board acts as though it holds a blank check. While resources for many necessary programs and services have been cut, the board continues to make irrational decisions about where to spend our money. This type of behavior HAS TO STOP. 

Superintendent Alvarez repeatedly uses the term "fiscal responsibility" in his email blasts and newspaper articles but in reality, none is demonstrated. My business experience – including my work as a Corporate Controller - includes budgeting, management, and financial planning. I will bring skills and talents that are crucial to any governing organization and sorely lacking from this board.
Since the start of Superintendent Alvarez’s regime, treatment of our teachers – the people who spend 8 hours a day caring for, nurturing, and educating our children – has reached an all-time low. He has created a culture of fear in our schools that must end. I fully support the teachers and believe we must repair the damaged relationship between teachers and the board.
Somewhere along the way our district and board has lost sight of what matters – our children. Please cast your vote for me and send a message that children still come first in the Rye schools.

Below is the endorsement from the Committee for Election Equality (which is also included in the Comments section below):

Dear Sirs and Madams,

Let’s face it, your first question has been “is Jason Mehler a candidate because his wife, Carin, was reassigned out of her classroom?”  The answer to your question is yes AND no!

Mr. Mehler is running as a candidate for the Board of Education in the Rye City School District.  Mr. Mehler does not neither belong to any political party, nor does he accept contributions; he funds his own campaigns.  No individuals or special interest groups suggested or asked Mr. Mehler to run for the Board of Education. Mr. Mehler has no personal agenda, he cannot be bought, and Mr. Mehler bows to no God but his own.  Similarly, Mr. Mehler owes no favors to any political party, party leaders, or special interest groups.  Therefore, in light of the foregoing, Mr. Mehler is a true Independent!  An independent voice on the Board of Education that has been so lacking in the past year or more, with the exception of Edward M. Fox, Esq.

Presently, Mr. Mehler is a volunteer on the Rye Town Park Advisory Committee and the Rye Recreation Commission.  Mr. Mehler is prepared to make the many important and necessary decisions from day one.  Mr. Mehler understands what is meant by a sense of urgency and will do his best to exceed all expectations.

Mr. Mehler desires to be part of the process to "Make Rye Better."  As a parent, homeowner, resident, and someone that works in this great city, Mr. Mehler wants to assist the Rye City School District in any way possible in making Rye the best place to live, visit, work, and raise a family.  Mr. Mehler feels strongly that being part of a community means taking an active role in making it the best possible place to live.

Mr. Mehler vows that his approach will be "Non-Partisan" and looks forward to working with all members of the Board.  Mr. Mehler is a good listener and a fast learner.  Mr. Mehler loves Rye and wants it to be the best in every way.  Mr. Mehler pays attention to details and will listen to everyone's opinion.  He is committed to serving our community with everyone's best interest in a fiscally conservative manner.

Mr. Mehler’s extensive financial background and experiencing budgeting, employment issues, financial statement, and cash flow analysis will be a great addition in helping the Board with its essential task of fiscal accountability. We believe that his experience, coupled with his passion to make Rye's school district strong again, will help him bring new ideas and new solutions to the Board of Education.

On a personal note, his wife Carin Mehler works as a tenured teacher in Rye (4th grade -- Osborn School). As the parents of two young children that both currently attend the Rye City School District (Emily 11 & Rachel 9), a few of the primary reasons the Mehlers were attracted to the City of Rye were the school system, community, and proximity to the park and Long Island Sound.

A vote for Jason Mehler is a vote for values, responsibility, and a non-controversial candidate.  On May 20, 2014, values and responsibility will win and we hope the whole City of Rye listens.

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