23 Aug 2014
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New Signs Welcome Sight at Rye Town Park

New welcome signs is just one of the changes at Rye Town Park.

New Signs Welcome Sight at Rye Town Park


is presenting a new look to visitors as they approach the park from any of its “fourcorners.” The Park is located on the east side of Forest Avenue, between Rye Beach and Dearborn Avenues. 

The park’s old signs were dark and hard to read, and they contained mainly a list of things that were not permitted at the park. Over the past several years the Rye Town Park Commission, which operates the park, has worked with staff, park users and the Friends of Rye Town Park to make the park more welcoming to visitors.

New signs were seen as a way of sending a new message. Four weatherproof bulletin boards were put up in the park to let visitors know about the many events and activities going on throughout the year. The four new signs were installed by the park’s maintenance staff on July 25 and 26.

The signs are bright white with dark green lettering, to make them as bright and easy to read as possible. The “Welcome To Rye Town Park” letters are nearly 5 inches high – 25% higher than the largest letters in the old signs. The sign also includes the park’s logo, which is the iconic towers of the original 1909 bathhouse building, along with the sandy beach, seagulls, and a bright, rising sun.

The Commission has also taken a variety of steps to “walk the walk” of being more welcoming to visitors. This includes hiring and training new park rangers and parking attendants to be helpful and make sure that visitors get all the information and safety protection they need. It also includes strict enforcement of the NY State leash law that requires all dog walkers to have their dogs on leashes and under their control. And, the park’s lifeguard staff makes sure that all beach goers have safe and enjoyable experiences.

This is excerpted from a press release from the Rye Town Park Commission.

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