Jul 28, 2014

Turkey Fry At The Rye Roadhouse

NFL Playoffs spark Turkey Fry for four friends in nearby communities.

Turkey Fry At The Rye Roadhouse Turkey Fry At The Rye Roadhouse Turkey Fry At The Rye Roadhouse

The Rye Roadhouse had their annual Turkey Fry yesterday. Turkey Fry is an annual event that takes place during the NFL Playoffs at the Rye Roadhouse restaurant.


This is a tradition that the four owners of the Rye Roadhouse started way back  before they owned the Rye Roadhouse. Brothers Greg DeMarco and Jon DeMarco, along with friends Tom Codispoti and Kevin Campbell (all friends from nearby towns and villages: Harrison, Rye and Port Chester) were friends who started the Turkey Fry, in 2005 after the Yankees got pushed out of the playoffs. Being die-hard Yankee fans they were pretty down and watching football one Sunday when a commercial came on for an outdoor Turkey Deep Fryer.  Jon turned to his brother Greg and said "now that the Yanks are done we should buy one of these, invite the guys over, deep fry some turkeys, and have a little party to forget about the loss." 


This started as a small gathering of eight guys and continued each year.  Once they owned the Rye Roadhouse one of them always had to be there, so instead of missing the party, they decided to do it at their restaurant to keep the tradition going and invite others to join in. 


 They have been continuing it at the Roadhouse every year since they opened during the NFL Playoffs  it has become much bigger than they ever thought it would be. 


"We set up a bunch of deep fryers out back and cook all day - the food is free –it’s  our way of saying thanks to all of our friends, family and loyal customers.  We respect our customers, we want our customers to be happy and leave our establishment happier,” said Greg DeMarco.


 “ Word of mouth is everything, you want to treat your customers good and you want them to leave with that feeling. This is a day where my partners and I do all of the food prep, cooking and serving. A little bright spot in a month where finding fun things to do can be a little challenging,” said DeMarco.

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