20 Aug 2014
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Adult Pajama Party, Nudity at Krazy Kidz Has Parents in Meltdown

Photos posted online of late night party at Long Island children's facility have parents outraged.

Adult Pajama Party, Nudity at Krazy Kidz Has Parents in Meltdown

Medford (New York) – An adult pajama party held over the weekend at a Long Island children's entertainment center has parents furious after photos of naked people on a dance floor inside the facility were posted online. 

A flyer for the Saturday night party, which ran until 3 a.m. at Medford's Krazy Kidz, was posted on Meetup.com and was billed as a "Jungle Gym & Pajama Party All-Night Dance Party: For Grownups Who Won't Grow Up." It was said to include pillow fights, crazy maze races, a Twister contest and body painters. 

"The purpose of the party is to play like a kid!," the flyer reads. "...to be happy and carefree. This is just good clean wholesome fun.

"There will be no orgy, smut, strippers, or sexually lewd content....however...there will be tasteful nudity," the flyer reads. 

"Absolutely no cameras allowed," the flyer says, but some party-goers apparently didn't not obey that rule as photos from the party at the Horseblock Road facility leaked online. One of them shows two scantily clad women inside a jungle gym. Another shows a man and woman apparently fully nude on a dance floor. 

Local parents said the photos show that the party was certainly not "good clean wholesome fun." 

"I think it is disgusting for a children's play area to be used for anything but a children's area," said Allison B., of Farmingville. "I've seen the clearly nude photos and read the invite including warm jello wrestling. My kids will definitely not be going here again." 

Krazy Kidz responded to the controversy on its Facebook page Tuesday morning.

"In order to help meet regular expenses the facility was rented to a private group for a benefit costume party," a post reads. "The photo in question actually shows a person in the background wearing a body stocking Eve costume. This event was no different that an ordinary Halloween party that you would hold at your home. As always, that facility has been thoroughly cleaned and sanitized with a fogging spray and we continue to pride ourselves on the cleanliness of our facility."

The company said no staff from Krazy Kidz was involved in the event and its "private party facility rental policy is currently under review to prevent any such misunderstandings from occurring in the future."

Krazy Kidz said it would be closed on Tuesday for additional cleaning and sanitizing "to further restore the public's trust."

"The staff at Krazy Kidz continues to apologize for the obvious lack of judgment that has resulted in everyone's concerns and comments," another Facebook post reads. 

A Holbrook woman told Patch she didn't have a problem with the type of adult party that was held, but that the venue was not appropriate. 

"I would never bring my children to a place that would use a children's facility for adult entertainment," said Melissa, who didn't want her last name published. "The icing on the cake for us parents, is Krazy Kidz's response. They claim to not know anything about the nudity or type of party being held. Where is their common sense?"

Holbrook resident Sal Farruggello told News 12 that when he showed up at Krazy Kidz for his daughter's sixth birthday party on Sunday morning, the floors and games were soaking wet. 

"They told us the whole place was wet because they were cleaning,” Farruggello said of the explanation from employees, according to News 12. “Because they had a fire alarm go off the night before."

Advance tickets for the party, according to the online flyer, were $35 and included a juice bar and pizza. The group had permission to allow 300 guests to attend, the flyer says.

A woman who attended the party estimated that there were a couple hundred people who came and went through the night. The woman, who identified herself as Teresa from Islip, said the controversy over the party was "completely blown out of proportion.

"I'm just blown away by the things that I am reading," she added. "People are acting like it was an orgy and it was not. It was so far from it."

Teresa said there were a half dozen or so nudists at the party, but they did not use any of the children's equipment while there. She also said there was no sex or drug use at the party. 

"There were a couple people making out," she said. "It was G-rated." 

Many of the people at the event, which featured aerial performers and hula hoop girls, are part of an online group that routinely gets together to engage in active events, such as hiking or caving, said Teresa, who is employed as an office manager. Teresa said the woman who organized the event at Krazy Kidz received death threats Tuesday from people upset about the party. 

Another woman who attended the party said she didn't see anything wrong with it being held at a place that caters to children. 

"It was just a facility to have fun in," said Helena, of Bay Shore. "It's a fun zone. It could have happened at a Dave and Buster's. It was good natured fun no matter where it was.

"There were no kids there," she added. "It was 21 and over and it was respectable." 

Helena, a mother, said she plans to take her child and her friends to Krazy Kidz in the future. Both women said they were upset by the backlash toward the company. 

"This man's business is being ruined for nothing," Helena said. 

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