23 Aug 2014
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Anti-Obama Conservatives Take to the Street

Tea Party, Conservative Society for Action, deliver bullhorn speeches on Horseblock Road.

Correction: This story originally stated the demonstration took place in Farmingville. This was in error. It was held at the corner of Horseblock Road and Route 112, which is in Medford.

On Saturday afternoon, a little more than a dozen conservative activists took over the sidewalk on the corner of Horseblock Road and Route 112 in Medford to voice their displeasure with the Obama administration and encourage motorists to vote for the Romney Ticket.

Two groups, the Tea Party of Brookhaven and the Conservative Society for Action (CSA), gathered on the sidewalk holding signs, such as "Save America, Dump Obama," "Vote Freedom NObama" and "I'll take God and Freedom over Freebies and Enslavement," while an activist standing on a flatbed spoke through a bullhorn.

The group also handed out a pamphlet entitled "Unfit To Rule," which lists a litany of grievances about the current administration. The group received an even mix of honks, thumbs up, and curse words from passing motorists.

One lone dissenter stood on the sidewalk with them; a young woman who said she was passing by the demonstration and got so angry she went to Staples and bought a piece of oaktag. She walked up and down the sidewalk with the sign, which read "Vote For Obama, Yes We Can."

Judy Pepenella, of CSA, said the counterprotester was respectful and her group was respectful of her in return. Patch captured a number of photographs of the event. Browse the gallery in this story.

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