15 Sep 2014
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Blogger Roundup: The Neighborhood Blogosphere

A recap of posts from our diverse pool of neighborhood bloggers.

Blogger Roundup: The Neighborhood Blogosphere Blogger Roundup: The Neighborhood Blogosphere Blogger Roundup: The Neighborhood Blogosphere Blogger Roundup: The Neighborhood Blogosphere Blogger Roundup: The Neighborhood Blogosphere

The Sachem community has no shortage of opinions, and our guest bloggers on Patch regularly contribute to the vibrant conversations that take place in the barber shop, on the street corner or in the parking lot after a school meeting. Patch brings those conversations into one meetinghouse. Here's a roundup of the latest blogs in our community.

Homes Still Wet After Sandy & Indoor Air Quality Becomes Hot Topic

Even if your home wasn't completely flooded during Hurricane Sandy, many homeowners experience slight leaks from weakened skylights, or had portions of their soffits damage, which allowed for water to get into the framework of the house.

Contractor Robert Deacon weighs in with some useful tips on how to rebuild after Sandy so that mold spores do not develop and multiply in your home. From humidifiers to drying techniques and choosing the right material, Deacon offers up some great pointers to make sure your home stays dry and relatively mold-free.

Should Long Islanders Be Worried This Flu Season?

Blogger MelodyRN offers some food for thought when it comes to the national panic we are in over the outbreak of influenza this season. To date, two children in New York State and 18 nationally, have died from the flu this winter and those numbers have frightened many with confusion over what to do. Those who have never been vaccinated feared contracting the flu from the vaccination, and the parameters to get vaccinated were widened to include very young children.

MelodyRN references studies she believes dispel some of the myths about the flu shot and the seriousness of the epidemic. Read this blog to get her professional opinion about this recent outbreak of flu and how to protect your family.

NEFCU Launches New Financial Literacy Website For Young Adults

Credit Union NEFCU has opened up a microsite to help young people between the ages of 18 and 26, and blogger Eileen Nolan explains what it's all about in this helpful, informative blog post.

CUshine.org is designed specifically to help young people become more financially literate, by knowing how to save, keep their debt manageble, establish credit, and plan for their future: something young people often don't think about.

Read this blog post and check out the website for a helpful education in how to be more fiscally responsible and successful.

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