Jul 27, 2014
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Blogger Roundup: The Neighborhood Blogosphere

A recap of posts from our diverse pool of neighborhood bloggers.

Blogger Roundup: The Neighborhood Blogosphere Blogger Roundup: The Neighborhood Blogosphere Blogger Roundup: The Neighborhood Blogosphere Blogger Roundup: The Neighborhood Blogosphere Blogger Roundup: The Neighborhood Blogosphere

The Sachem community has no shortage of opinions, and our guest bloggers on Patch regularly contribute to the vibrant conversations that take place in the barber shop, on the street corner or in the parking lot after a school meeting. Patch brings those conversations into one meetinghouse. Here's a roundup of the latest blogs in our community.

Guest blogger for the Long Island Progressive Coalition Danielle Asher took Lisa Tyson's place this week to deliver this blog post in response to a recent Wall Street Journal op-ed that advocated for the reduction of teachers. Asher discusses the disparity between students from higher and lower socioeconomic status in order to argue against privatizing our school system. Issues such as class size and resources sparked a robust debate in the comment stream.

Eric Robert Santiago discusses the importance of introducing multi-colored fruits and vegetables into your diet. This post speaks about the "Standard American Diet" or S.A.D. and how it has led to heart disease, type 2 diabetes and other illnesses. He offers up a healthy plate of tips on how to eat a rainbow of colorful vegetable options.

Education doctor Meryl Ain discusses the recent developments in the Penn State/Jerry Sandusky sex abuse scandal, namely that key officials, including Head Coach Joe Paterno appeared to be more interested in protecting the reputation of the school than Sandusky's young victims. Ain says that most institutions are concerned with their reputation, but it shouldn't be at the expense of children. She emphasizes vigilance from parents and teachers when it comes to the signs of sex abuse.

Sports blogger and Mets fan "Daily Stache" grades the New York Mets' first half performance while the teams recharge during the All-Star break. With the exception of David Wright and Johan Santana, who are both having great years, the Stache is pretty critical up and down the roster. Who got the worst grade? Reliever Miguel Batista, whom Stache suggested should have tossed Robinson Cano his pitches during the Home Run Derby, since he's so adept at giving up yard shots. Click on the link to see how the rest of the team fared.

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