Jul 28, 2014

Broadway Night Held at Sachem North

High school drama club hosts variety show.

The drama club at hosted its annual Broadway Night, a student run cabaret last week.  It was evocative of a vaudevillian variety show. 

Students came up with comedic sketches, interspersed between various musical numbers, which the students chose from their favorite Broadway shows.  The musical selections were a mix of solos and small and large group performances.

The variety show gave students the unique opportunity to stretch themselves by performing songs that would not normally be found in school productions.  The diversity of songs and skits allowed the audience to experience a real cabaret-style production right in their own community.Students planned out every aspect of the show from choosing the hosts, to writing skits and planning the choreography.

"It's a tradition set back years and years ago.  James Stumper is the host with five other seniors.  Every year the show reflects the senior class; this one is very rock-driven ... It's the biggest alumni night we have," said , the drama advisor at Sachem. "The kids get to audition what song or dance they want to do and are elected by students. They audition for kids — and I'm in on it too."

Minimalist set designs, lighting and costuming, with just a spotlight on the talented students, highlighted their sheer love of performing.

A big factor in what makes this event so unique has always been the enthusiastic hosts who keep the show moving along with witty banter, silly segues and introductions.

This year's main host and emcee was James Stumper, who also hosted the event as a  junior.  He was joined by senior hosts:  Grant Lindeman, Allison Wagner, Jackie Mastrogiacomo, Armando Villa-Ignacio and junior host Alyssa Beaury, in keeping with school tradition, she will be grandfathered in as senior host next year.

The choreographers Alyssa Tripi and Jess Palma outdid themselves on the fancy footwork featured in performances such as "Don't Tell Mama" from Cabaret, the theme song from Footloose and "Let Your Freak Flag Fly" from Shrek the Musical.

"I think the kids did a fabulous job," said Anita Palma. "They worked really, really hard.  My granddaughter is in it.  I know they put a lot of hard work in, and I'm truly enjoying it."

This event marked the final time seniors could perform at Sachem.  In light of this, at the end of the show they said farewell in a reworking of the song "Hakuna Matata" from The Lion King, where the seniors wore their college shirts and sang to the freshman about coming down with an inevitable case of "senioritis."

The finale was "Don't Stop Believing" from Rock of Ages.

"I put my own little twist on the show this year.  It's got a little rock flair," said Stumper.  "I'm trying to leave my mark on this year's addition."

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