22 Aug 2014
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Feet + Earth Day + a Simple Act of Green = ACTION

Feet + Earth Day + a Simple Act of Green = ACTION

Earth Day planning is well underway all across the world. This international holiday, celebrated every year on April 22nd come rain or come shine or any other climate challenge thrown our way, is on its 44th year! I don’t know about you, but I think by now, as a seriously middle-aged cause, this catalyst of environmental derring-do would have become a way of life for us all. A cause celebre embraced by people of all ages that makes every day earth day. After all, I kind of like it here! Don’t you?

Well, fret no more. I truly believe we all have the power inside us to make that change. Let’s do  EARTH DAY 2014 differently this year. I believe we can really knock it out of the park and not just simply re-kindle our inner-green selves with an annual wake up call…let’s make April 22 a great, green and conscientious  CALL TO ACTION. Let’s wake up!

Okay, so what do we do? It’s simple really. I know we cannot change everyone or everything. But we can begin to change the people that matter; and that’s YOU! Yes, you are reading this and we think that’s because you are already a bit itchy to do something good and green.

Join us. One person at a time really adds up to a ton of good. I’m talking about  REUSE. You don’t need to buy, build, or drive anything. Just look through your closets and join the incredible  2014 Earth Month Shoe Drive.

Not so hard, right? Wearable Collections has created a month-long  SHOE DRIVE with  Walkable Collections! It’s an amazing community service  FUNdraising opportunity to recycle shoes, make feet all over the globe happy and keep landfills from chomping on old kicks  for the next 200-300 years.

Clean out your closets, green up your home and community while earning $0.25 per pound for your cause. K-12 school, campus/university, non-profit, large employer, shoe store, community group or large brand are all welcome!

If you like the idea of  reuse, hate the idea of landfilling and want to help our mission, check everywhere for shoes that aren’t dancing, jumping, working, playing or running anymore. Other feet will take on these tasks happily!

So  hang with us and pick when your group can start 30 Earth Days of Reuse. Simple steps will keep the green spirit alive. Social change will begin to happen more readily because this experience is rewarding as well as a great green thing to do.  Earth Day has no need for a mid-life crisis for this year. Let’s start a tectonic cultural shift–together. Happy Earth Day all.
The time is now!

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