14 Sep 2014
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Gatelot Teacher Writes Memorial Song For Newtown

Gripped by the coverage of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings, Cherie Lehmann put her emotions to paper.

Gatelot Teacher Writes Memorial Song For Newtown

A music teacher from Sachem has written and recorded a tribute song about the victims of last December's mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School. 

Cherie Lehmann, a music teacher at Gatelot Elementary since 2001, penned the song, entitled "Angel's Wings," and is selling copies of the track in CD format for $5. The proceeds from the CD sales, according to a recent feature of Lehmann on The Sachem Report, will be going to the victims' families. 

From the feature written by Chris Vaccaro, communications director at Sachem:

After the tragedy occurred, as with many others, Lehmann couldn’t stop thinking about it and was very emotional.  One night less than a week after it happened, she couldn’t sleep and started to think about words to a song.

“They lyrics started popping into my head, stanza by stanza as if someone were dictating to me what to write,” she said. “I wrote everything down and the next morning I put the words in order like a jigsaw puzzle. I had the lyrics finished in about a half hour and I wrote the music that same day.”

The article also states that students from Gatelot, second-grader Marion Marshall and first-grader Samantha Succarotte, were incorporated into the track at the song's end.

Lehmann said she plans to place flyers and copies of the CD in every building at ZSachem. Additionally, interested persons can email her for a copy at  CLehmann@Sachem.edu.

"My greatest hope is to be able to offer comfort to those who were so affected by the tragedy and to provide some financial support to the families of Newtown," Lehmann said.

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