20 Aug 2014
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Reader Feedback: New State Gun Law

Sachem Patch readers share their thoughts on the state's new gun legislation.

Reader Feedback: New State Gun Law

Yesterday Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed the New York Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act (NY SAFE Act) as state lawmakers tightened up gun regulations in the wake of the Newtown shooting.

The measure expands the state’s ban on assault weapons and strengthens guidelines to keep guns out of the hands of the mentally ill. It also limits the size of gun magazines to seven rounds, down from a limit of 10. 

We asked our Facebook fans how they felt about the new gun law. Here's what they had to say (be sure to add your own thoughts on the topic in the comment section below this article):   

Anthony Galvin The Governor is grandstanding. This is legislation for the sake of politics. I did not dislike Cuomo , but he's worked his way down.

Eric Gagliardo I still say if you have the need to use a assault weapon then join the military or the local police -- if they will have you -- otherwise you dont need something like unless your going to fight off the local air national gaurd or the armed services.

Todd Licata Hope he doesn't think he will be re-elected, and we should get a list of everyone else that backed it so we can vote them out

Jennifer Rose I support keeping guns away from the mentally ill and homes resided by mentally ill individuals. However, the second amendment does not differentiate between types of arms citizens are allowed, so I do not support the government arbitrarily stripping our rights to these weapons...

Jack Jones As the owner of both hand guns and rifles ,yes I do support him . Back ground checks on private sales is a big step in the right direction. I can legally sell an AR style rifle to any 18 yr old in front of 7 11. That's just wrong...Any responsible gun owner shouldn't have a problem with the new laws.

Brian Cozzie Pistols, shotguns, rifles, fine But why do people need m16's and Ar-15 assault rifles for? Are you selling drugs with out your family knowing and afraid a hit squad is coming for you? I mean really?

Lauren Cox I have to ask...if a 55 year old man has a hand gun AND his 17 year old son who lives in the home is diagnosed with borderline personality disorder & paranoid delusions, who is going to show up to his home and demand that the gun is turned over to law enforcement? Does it mean if you have someone living in your home who is diagnosed with a mental illness that the property cannot have a gun on it? What mental illnesses are included? A 14 year old with bipolar? An 18 year old single mother with postpartum psychosis? A 47 year old with premature dementia?

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