23 Aug 2014
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Annunziato Appointed Smithtown Superintendent

Bayport-Blue Point Superintendent Anthony Annunziato will leave the district after seven years.

Annunziato Appointed Smithtown Superintendent

The will have a new superintendent in current Bayport-Blue Point Superintendent Anthony Annunziato at the end of the school year.

The Board of Education named Annunziato, a Smithtown resident, as the successor to current Superintendent Edward Ehmann, who is set to retire June 30. 

Board President Gladys Waldron made the announcement at Tuesday’s regular meeting with four of the seven members present. Waldron said while three members were absent due to prior engagements that the decision to bring Annunziato to Smithtown was unanimous.

While a new superintendent was appointed Tuesday night both Waldron and board Vice President Theresa Knox confirmed after the meeting that the board is still in contract negotiations with Annunziato.

Knox said the contract terms could be completed in a matter of days.

Ehmann announced his upcoming retirement .

Waldron said that , has informed the district he would be leaving for the Smithtown job.

Annunziato’s current salary trumps Ehmann’s by nearly $23,000, who is currently making $219,555.

Annunziato was selected out of a pool of 17 candidates, according to Waldron, and the decision making process only took a couple of months.

Waldron said the board was impressed with a 100-day plan introduced by Annunziato during the interviews, which included learning the culture of Smithtown, doing work in the community, learning what the board’s needs are and more.

“His experience, his ability to communicate with the board members, his references were outstanding – we checked out about 16 references,” said Waldron. “We feel he’ll be a good fit for Smithtown.” 

Knox described Annunziato as both a "respectful" and a "no-nonsense" person.

"He seems to be a real presence … I was very impressed," Knox said. "We didn't have to give him this job, we had other solid candidates. We, to a person, felt that he was the best candidate for the job." 

Bayport-Blue Point Board of Education President Jim March told Patch last week that he would be disappointed if Annunziato took the Smithtown job.

"Outside of this district, he's considered a rock star," March said at a Bayport-Blue Point board meeting. "Somehow within the district, I'm not sure that full appreciation has been granted. Sadly, we may find out in the long run what a benefit our current administration was and Smithtown's gain may turn out to be our loss." 

Annunziato is set to take over the position July 1.

Additional reporting provided by Associate Regional Editor Ryan Bonner

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