19 Aug 2014
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Chill Out! Tips to Beat Heat When Health Advisories Begin

Here's how to stay cool in Scarsdale on scorching hot days.

Chill Out! Tips to Beat Heat When Health Advisories Begin

The Westchester County Department of Health issued a heat advisory as well as an ozone advisory yesterday afternoon.

Pay attention to these advisories and alerts, especially if you are elderly, and are more susceptible to heat stroke.

Symptoms may include hot and dry skin, shallow breathing, a rapid or weak pulse and confusion. It's important to limit your time outside, and if you think you are suffering from the symptoms mentioned above, make sure to call your doctor.

Also, with the excessive use of energy during the summer months, there is always the risk of power outages and blackouts.

"Con Edison customers set the 2010 record for peak electricity use today when the company delivered 12,680 megawatts" stated Con Edison yesterday at 3 p.m. "Before today, the high for the year was 12,105 megawatts, set last Thursday, June 24 at 5 p.m."

And that was just three days into summer.

"It has not been hot out long enough, so I don't think anyone is opening cooling centers yet, but libraries are a great place to go, bookstores, as well," said Caren Halbfinger, director of public health and communication for the county Health Department.

Here are some other great tips to help you and your loved ones avoid heat stroke, which has been known to affect many lives each year and can cause further illness to those who are susceptible already or in failing health. These will keep you busy with fun, goosebump-inducing activities throughout these sweltering months.

They're also great if you want to cut down on your air-conditioning costs. Regular use of the air conditioner over the course of one summer alone can cost you an extra $500 dollars – and wouldn't you rather spend that money going out of your home?

Go to the Movies

Movie theaters are notoriously chilly. And there are some great Summer hits out right now. Hello, Toy Story 3?

Take a Trip to the Mall

The Westchester Mall is very well ventilated. Walk around and browse store to store and take advantage of their enormous, inevitably paid electric bill. I know I do.

Go for a Drive

Drive around the block a few times! Blast your A/C and listen to some music. Or if you want to cut down on that whole global warming issue, roll down the windows and just enjoy the breeze.

Shiver in a Supermarket

Have you ever been to the frozen aisle? DeCicco's market is cool as a cucumber and The Food Emporium on Post Road has a frozen foods section that will make you think about bringing a cardigan with you the next time you decide to pick up some ice cream.

Jump in for a Swim at Scarsdale Pool

The Scarsdale Pool has an Olympic-sized swimming pool and a diving pool with plenty of shade to beat the summer heat waves.

Sip a Cold One at Starbucks or Borders

Honestly, all you need to do is buy a grande frappuccino, or even one of those 75 cent cookies, and you can sit there in the train station Starbucks for hours.

As for go find that book you've been meaning to buy for three months and sample it…for the afternoon.

Take Cold Showers Every Day...

This is ground-breaking: Hop in the shower! And since we lose 70 percent of body heat through our head, don't dry your hair. I promise, there is no better way to cool off, especially if you're cutting down on your electric bill.

Con Edison recommends that customers keep cool and save on energy costs by using the energy-saving tips for homes and businesses that you can find online at: www.coned.com/thepowerofgreen.

For more information on the Westchester Department of Health you can visit:  http://www.westchestergov.com/health/

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