Jul 29, 2014
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Scarsdale Nutritionist Offers Weight Loss Tips

Keep that New Year's Resolution going. Stay on the path to losing weight with these tips.

Scarsdale Nutritionist Offers Weight Loss Tips

It has been only three weeks since we rang in 2013 and many folks are attempting to keep that popular New Year's Resolution–to drop some pounds and get healthy.

"So many people set weight loss as a New Year’s Resolution and it has to be a lifestyle change," Elizabeth DeRobertis, MS, RD, CDN, CDE, CPT, a Scarsdale-based nutritionist, said.

DeRobertis, who works out of the Scarsdale Medical Group, said those attempting to lose weight during 2013 need to make a commitment to changing their lifestyle and altering their food intake.

"The bottom line is calorie reduction," she said. With a "scientifically sound plan weight loss is sustainable."

For those struggling to keep their resolution, the first step would be to "look at the calories (he/she) takes in and make smart swaps. Look for lower calorie alternatives."

"If accustomed to eating a bagel, now buy 100-calories bagel thins," DeRobertis said.

For those who look at thin folks and think they could never have the same amount of will-power, stop comparing.

"Weight loss never should be about will power," she said.

Here are some additional tips from DeRobertis to achieve your weight loss goals:

  • Create a safe food environment
  • Put together a successful weight-loss plan
  • Snack strategically to avoid overeating
  • Have snacks throughout the day, like Greek yogurt, cheese sticks, fruits or vegetables
  • Stay in control of your appetite
  • When you go off course, don't give up, recalculate your "GPS" and you can get back to eating healthy
  • Get group support or guidance
  • Join a program to help you achieve your goals 
  • Do what feels right to you

For more information about health, nutrition and fitness classes at the Scarsdale Medical Group, go to: http://www.scarsdalemedical.com/

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