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Scarsdale Procedure Committee Announces CNC Candidates

Several residents are running for election to the Citizens Nominating Committee on Nov. 14.

Scarsdale Procedure Committee Announces CNC Candidates

As of September 30, 2012, the Procedure Committee has a full slate of candidates running for election to the CNC (Citizens Nominating Committee) on November 14.

The candidates are:

  • EDGEWOOD: Warren Haber, Michael Lewis, David Rosewater and Richard Wingate
  • FOX MEADOW: Norwood Beveridge, Jr., Linda Blair, Maxim Grudin and Susan Groner
  • GREENACRES: Linda Flaxer, Michael Green, Kenneth Raskin and Andrea Seiden
  • HEATHCOTE: Beth Ehrich Berkeley, Emily Kirschenbaum, Robert Reiffel and Evelyn Stock
  • QUAKER RIDGE: David Dembitzer, Israel Kornstein, David Weiss and Marc Yaseen

The Scarsdale Procedure Committee will post the candidates' bios in the near future.

As of October 5, 2012, the Scarsdale Procedure Committee has adopted proposed amendments to the non-partisan resolution, also to be voted on on November 14. A summary of amendments is below; the full text of each is posted on the procedure committee page.

1. Summary of proposed Amendment to Article V, Section 5A (Organization Meeting): The first portion of the Organizational Meeting would be open to the public and would be televised for later viewing on cable television by tape; the business conducted during the public portion would include hearing from incumbent members of the Board of Trustees not running for re-election about the duties and responsibilities of Trustees and the Mayor and the desirable skills and talents to be looked for in potential nominees, consideration of the CNC’s rules of procedure, and description of best practices in conducting due diligence on possible nominees; it would allow the CNC to go into executive session for a portion of its business.

2. Proposed Amendment to Article IV, Section 7c: Mail-in ballots may be received on the day of the election:

3. Proposed amendment to Non-Partisan Resolution, Article V, Section 6: Present CNC ballot procedure would be codified so as to require that the election for each open office or position will be conducted separately, without reference to the name of the current occupant of an office or position.

In 2012, voters can cast their ballots by mail for the first time. A downloadable ballot and instructions on how to vote by mail will be available at www.scarsdaleprocedurecommittee.org; ballots will also be available at Village Hall and the Scarsdale Library.

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