21 Aug 2014
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UPDATED: Most Scarsdale Schools Reopen Today

The Scarsdale Public Schools will be open, with a two-hour delay for students, starting Monday. There will be no school lunch and no school transportation.

UPDATED: Most Scarsdale Schools Reopen Today

Updated on Nov. 5:
Good morning
This is Linda Purvis, Assistant Superintendent for the Scarsdale Public Schools.
Despite assurances from Con Edison last evening, there is NO power at the Middle School and at Edgewood this morning. Accordingly those schools cannot open today.
I repeat, Scarsdale Middle school and Edgewood will not open this morning, Monday November 5.  All other schools will open according to the schedule sent to you last night and posted on the District website.
I apologize for the change and any confusion this may create.
Thank you or your continued patience.


The following is an announcement from the Superintendent of Scarsdale Schools:

Dear Scarsdale Schools Community Members:

Once again, congratulations to all on your fortitude. It's been a rugged six days. But we're moving forward.

As of 6 p.m (Sunday) evening, Con Edison has assured us that all of the Scarsdale schools will be ready to open...Monday. Members of the professional staff are eager to get back to their work with children and are looking forward to resuming their classes.

On Monday, November 5:

Students will report to school two hours after their normal starting times, while we're asking faculty and staff to come in at their regular times.  This will give principals and teachers time to discuss plans for the day and to make arrangements to cover faculty absences.  Some teachers will not be able to get to work because of gasoline shortages and other logistical problems.

As I observed on Friday, we (like the U.S. Marines) are all going to have to do some more improvising and adapting in order to overcome.  

  • Students will have to walk or drive to school, or parents will have to provide transportation. District staff have driven normal bus routes today and have determined that so many of them are still blocked to large vehicles, there's no practical way to run normal service or to try to re-route buses and notify families timely. Please try to carpool to minimize traffic problems at the schools and unnecessary traffic on Village streets.
  • Students should plan to brownbag their lunches, since the schools won't be able to serve food in the cafeterias.
  • Parents will not be able to call into school and the schools will call out only in emergency.  The buildings are still without cable, e-mail and external telephone service except for a single hard line that must remain open in case school officials have to contact emergency services.  Among other things, this means that the schools will not call parents to check on student absences.
  • Children should be dressed for cooler weather.  The buildings haven't been heated for over a week, and they take time to warm up.

Any parent who is not comfortable with these arrangements should use discretion in keeping his or her child or children home.

On Tuesday, November 6:

All schools will open at their regular times; students should report at their regular times.  The faculty conference day originally scheduled for Tuesday has been cancelled.  

Tuesday is election day, which means that voters, as well as students, will be in the buildings.  School officials will be communicating with Village officials to address potential parking issues, to the extent they can be forestalled.  Again, everyone is going to have to be flexible and patient in this regard.  

Monday Night:

The November 5 Board of Education meeting will take place at the High School as scheduled, at 8 p.m. The pre-meeting with Greenacres parents will be at 7:15, as scheduled, also at the High School.  At the start of the regular meeting, Board President Liz Guggenheimer and I will give an update on current developments. The rest of the meeting agenda has been pared back; the education report on Global Education will be re-scheduled at a later date.

High School Seniors:   

District technology staff have placed highest priority on restoring the guidance department's capacity to process early decision and early action college applications.  We also have some indication that colleges may be flexible about their deadlines, given the widespread and extended power outages associated with the storm.  The High School will be in touch with you about this evolving situation.


Please continue to check the district website.  The conditions we're dealing with are still fluid, and they may change.  If we have to revise plans, we'll do our best to inform you as soon possible.  We'll also continue to send you updates as the occasion warrants.   

In closing, I want to express my appreciation to the District and school leadership and technology teams for going above and beyond to help in our recovery from the storm in these last days; to the buildings and grounds staff and custodians for their long hours and diligence; to the faculty and other staff for their professionalism and dedication; and to the Board of Education for their steadfast support.

I also thank you, again, for your understanding and for the spirit of neighborliness, good will and generosity that have been so evident in this difficult time.


Michael V. McGill
Superintendent of Schools

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