Jul 26, 2014
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Storm Cleanup Guidelines For Greenburgh

Those living in Edgemont, Hartsdale and Greenburgh should follow the town's DPW guide for disposing of Hurricane Sandy debris.

Storm Cleanup Guidelines For Greenburgh

The following is from Victor G. Carosi, Commissioner of Public Works in Greenburgh: The Town of Greenburgh Department of Public Works is committed to clean-up operations following the damage from Hurricane Sandy. The highway and sanitation crews will collect storm debris until winter snows prevent the DPW from collecting it.

Leaves: All fall leaves must be placed in paper bags or open containers. Do not mix tree limbs and branches with the leaves. Sanitation crews and highway crews are collecting these leaves every day. It is expected fall leaf collection will continue until the end of December. We are not picking up leaves at the curb.

Tree limbs and branches: Place limbs and branches curb-side, cut into lengths no longer than 4-feet.

Logs, Trunks, Stumps – Private Contracted Work: The town does not collect debris from private tree contracting operations. We do not collect debris from entire tree take-downs. Your tree contractor must haul away this debris.

Tree Debris from Emergency Operations: Roadside tree limbs, branches, trunk remaining from ConEd or DPW storm emergency operations will be collected by the Town DPW. Each day, work crews collect this debris. We expect to complete this storm clean-up before the end of December.

Please note that the highway department is continuing to trim or remove damaged town trees (those that are near the roadway – generally within 5 or 10 feet of the road pavement.) This operation continues throughout the year.

Wires, poles, transformers will be collected by the utility company. 

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