Jul 28, 2014
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TZ Bridge Speed Reduction; Possible Closure

NYC city tunnels will close at 2 p.m., but the Tappan Zee Bridge remains open possibly until winds hit 60 mph.

TZ Bridge Speed Reduction; Possible Closure

The Holland and Brooklyn Battery tunnels will close as of 2 p.m., announced Governor Andrew Cuomo in a press conference this morning, but as of yet the Tappan Zee Bridge remains open.

The NYS Thruway Authority posted a speed reduction on the Tappan Zee Bridge of 35 mph due to high winds. If sustained winds reach a speed of 60 mph or greater, the bridge will be closed to traffic in both directions.

“To ensure motorist safety during Hurricane Sandy, a decision may be made at any time to close the bridge should conditions warrant," the Thruway release says.

For now, empty trailers are prohibited from travelling the span.

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