Jul 25, 2014
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Business Surges for Main Street Meats During Irene

While power was out for days following Tropical Storm Irene, keeping many businesses closed, the staff at Main Street Meats said traffic tripled at the store.

Business Surges for Main Street Meats During Irene

While businesses suffered as doors were closed due to power outages, the staff at Main Street Meats said business nearly tripled, as the store remained open for 72 hours straight – including all day Sunday during Tropical Storm Irene.

“People were coming in for bare necessities for the most part, people were getting non–perishables … we’d see the same people three times a day,” said Clay Ortner, a member of the Main Street Meats staff.

The majority of the business, according to Ortner, was from prepared foods, from sandwiches to heroes and more. One item, however, was in demand more than any other – eggs.

Michele Hottenroth, another member of the Main Street Meats staff, said on Monday morning alone, from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m., the store went through more than 40 dozen eggs.

Hottenroth also said that the amount of traffic was so heavy that they ran out of rolls and bread numerous times and had to go to stores that did not lose power to pick up more repeatedly.

While the staff expected the influx of traffic, the reason the store was manned for three straight days was to properly care for the perishable items in the location.

To make sure the food did not spoil, Ortner said the store was operating off of four generators and a refrigerated box truck, loaned to the store by Schaller & Weber, one of the store’s distributers.

While it may be difficult to take something positive from the aftermath of the tropical storm, Irene’s wrath might have been a blessing to the business as Ortner said the amount of business since power was restored has increased and the location is serving many new customers.

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