Jul 29, 2014

Businesses: More Business Listings Claimed; New Bloggers

Check out what's new this past week in the world of business (and blogs) on Smithtown Patch.

This past week was busy in the world of Smithtown Patch, with new businesses claiming their listings in the "Places" section and we welcomed a new blogger. 


Since posting a story about the benefits of businesses claiming their listings we've had numerous businesses do it, allowing them to use Patch to their advantage. Here are some of the most recent businesses to claim their listings. .

"You Review"

One of our almost daily posts is "You Review" where we ask you to talk about and rate some of the local businesses you use frequently. Here are some of the reviews from readers posted this past week. 

 (4 stars)

"The original owners Tamarind Duck (sp?) was much better than the current owners. However the rest of their menu is still great."

 (5 stars)

"Great Food, Great Service, Great Value"

 (4 stars)

"Love the spa and the medical practice too! I recommend them."

 (5 stars)

"Kitchen Bistro is the best restaurant in Suffolk County. Amazing food, excellent service and a BYOB policy that makes a gourmet dinner affordable. Thank you Eric for sharing your incredible talent with us! Kitchen Trattoria is my second favorite restaurant and I'm looking forward to trying their newest restaurant, Orto, in Miller Place. If you have never visited any of Eric's restaurants you are missing a truly wonderful experience."

 (5 stars)

"Food was great, start to finish. Service was as expected and the fact you can bring your own bottle of wine makes it even better."

 (5 stars)

"Sick of Tiger Schulmann's signs in our neighborhood. They are an eyesore! Please stop visually polluting OUR neighborhood. The town takes them down and you put them right back up! They are on every telephone pole along Townline Rd., in front of Hauppauge HS and JHS. Stop the pollution!"

 (5 stars)

"We have been very happy with our daughter's experience at Superior Martial Arts. She has grown so much in her strength, confidence and coordiation and currently holds her second degree brown belt. We look forward to her continued grown along with Superior."

New Blogger

We'd like to welcome a new blogger to Smithtown Patch, . Her first post was a wonderful photo gallery of Millers Pond.

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