Jul 26, 2014
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Doors Closed on The Barn [Empty in Smithtown]

There has been no activity at the location since Smithtown Patch reported renovations would take place back on February.

Doors Closed on The Barn [Empty in Smithtown]

What was once a popular drive-thru deli is no longer as the doors on The Barn on Main Street have been closed since early February.

Back in February Smithtown Patch reported that the status of the location was in limbo. 

A store representative, who asked to remain nameless, said in February that they would close to renovate but there isn't a guarantee that the location would re-open.

"We're going to close, we're going to renovate, and then we're going to kind of review – is this the best concept, is this the best store for this area, are we just going to clean up and reopen," the store representative said.

Last week Smithtown Patch reported on , S&S Deli. The deli, also the former home to Quiznos, was short-lived in the 84 West Main Street location.

There is currently no sale information for the store or the property on MLSLI.com.

With it's unique shape and location, what do you think should take over and fill this vacancy?

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