Jul 25, 2014
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Long Island Vaporium brings great times and a Pleasant Alternative to smoking to SUFFOLK COUNTY

Long Island Vaporium brings great times and a Pleasant Alternative to smoking to SUFFOLK COUNTY

Newly opened this past January, Long Island Vaporium is now providing the community it serves with the newest and most preferred alternative to smoking, all in an inviting and fun environment. A specialty shoppe and lounge, the Vaporium offers customers a full range of “vape pen” electronic cigarettes as well as a huge variety of flavored nicotine juices for them to indulge in. More importantly, the Vaporium is also a comfortable lounge where these products can be fully enjoyed, with a friendly, helpful staff of “vaporologists” who are there to help you get the most out of your experience.

“I’ve been in the cigarette business for many years, and over that time, I’ve seen society’s attitude change a lot towards smoking,” said Vaporium co-owner Jeff Hirsch. “It’s important for me to pay attention to what my customers are asking for, and so many of them want alternatives to smoking that are healthier or more cost effective. What we are doing here definitely speaks to our customers’ needs.”

Upon entering the Vaporium, the feeling is more sophisticated lounge than retail store. The walls are a cool blue, and hardwood floors convey a sense of richness. Overstuffed leather sofas make one corner of the room feel like a comfortable den, and iconic black and white photos of celebrities smoking add a touch of nostalgic whimsy. The focal point of the shoppe itself is a tasting bar with traditional stools where customers can select from over 50 different flavors of nicotine juice. The warm staff will provide guidance to new “vapers”, and even let customers sample different flavors to help them find their favorites. 

A wide variety of personal vaporizers –  or “vape pens” – are available for sale, with start-up kits priced as low as $24.99. The nicotine juices that go in them come with various nicotine levels, ranging from 0mg (no nicotine at all) to 36mg. An effective tactic for those using these products to quit smoking is to start vaping with a higher level of nicotine and gradually move down towards the lower range.  

“We’ve heard so many stories about people successfully transitioning to a healthier lifestyle by using e-cigarettes to help quit smoking,” said Paul Davis, Hirsch’s  business partner and Vaporium co-owner. “One customer in particular really stands out. He came in on the day we opened, gave it a shot, and is now on his 24th day without touching a cigarette. We are very gratified by this, and very proud of him.”

Vaping gives individuals the freedom to enjoy so many of the things they like about smoking without having to contend with so many of the detriments, like smoke, odor, the feeling of imposing on others, and most importantly, some of the health risks tied to traditional smoking. On top of this, vaping is a fraction of the cost of traditional smoking. Long Island Vaporium is here to help you get started.

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If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Maria Hirsch at 631-285-3421 or email at colt@longislandvaporium.com.

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