Jul 30, 2014

Aerial Photos: Sandy Wreaks Havoc on Hamptons Shoreline

The ocean breached the dunes in many areas along the South Fork, devastating beaches and causing destruction.

The storm surge from Hurricane Sandy destroyed many dunes on the South Fork — and in some cases ocean water reached all the way to the bay.

Dune Road in western Southampton Town took a lashing, and will likely be closed for several days, as the road has become impassable in many areas due to sand dumped by storm surge. And the parking lot of Oakland's looks like a sandy beach.

Meadow Lane and Gin Lane in Southampton Village suffered from erosion, including multiple dune breaches. The Meadow Lane landmark known to locals as the Old Boathouse was destroyed.

In Wainscott, at least one shoreside home — believed to be that of Ron Lauder's daughter — was completely demolished.

Browse the gallery of photos taken Wednesday morning from Westhampton to Amagansett, illustrating the devastation wrought by Hurricane Sandy.

Text by Brendan J. O'Reilly. Photos by Cully/EEFAS.

Photo Gallery

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