Jul 25, 2014

Beach Access Dedicated in Jim Aery's Memory

At the urging of beach advocate's friends, Southampton Village names lane for deceased resident.

Beach Access Dedicated in Jim Aery's Memory

The Southampton Village Board voted unanimously Thursday to name a beach access road after Jim Aery, a village native and an advocate for preserving the village's beaches who died this summer.

Mayor Mark Epley said Aery was proactive in keeping village beaches clean and safe for everyone and "took pride in the beauty of our beaches and trying to protect that beauty."

Aery passed away from a heart attack July 14 at the age of 58.

Lynn Maddock, Aery's daughter, said he loved everything about the ocean, expecially Sunday "family day."

"He loved fishing and clamming, playing horseshoes, barbecuing, swimming and being surrounded by his children, grandchildren, family and friends," Maddock said. "He also had great respect for the beach and encouraged everyone down there to abide by the rules to protect the picnic area so that we could continue to enjoy it."

The ocean access road off Meadow Lane at the village helipad, between Road F and Road G, was previously unnamed. Epley said the idea of naming it for Aery was brought to the Village Board by Aery's friends about a month and a half ago. After determining that the road was on village-owned property with no restrictions, the board voted unanimously Thursday to dedicate it in Aery's memory.

“He basically spent his life on the beach down there,” Epley said.

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