Jul 29, 2014

Famous Turtle Gets Tongue-in-Cheek Name

Wildlife Rescue Center of the Hamptons comes up with an appropriate name for a box turtle found with a nail through its shell.

Famous Turtle Gets Tongue-in-Cheek Name Famous Turtle Gets Tongue-in-Cheek Name


That's the name staff and volunteers have given to .

The name was revealed Wednesday via the rescue center's Facebook page.

The rescue center typically doesn't name its patients, but given all the media attention the turtle has gotten, an exception was made.

Volunteers said they don't give names to the animals that are treated at the rescue center because they will likely either be released back into the wild or die of the injuries they arrived with, and they try not to become attached.

The Suffolk County Society for the Protection of Animals is offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to the conviction of whomever attacked the turtle.

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