23 Aug 2014
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Java Nation 'Squatting' at Sag Harbor Shopping Cove

Café tentatively plans a move to Washington Street.

Java Nation 'Squatting' at Sag Harbor Shopping Cove Java Nation 'Squatting' at Sag Harbor Shopping Cove

Despite a Jan. 31 deadline to move out of its spot in the Shopping Cove in the heart of Sag Harbor village, café and coffee roaster Java Nation had not budged as of Wednesday, Feb. 1.

According to manager Carolina Perez, Java Nation is “squatting” at the moment, but the café owners are in talks to move to the building on Washington Steet. Perez said while the Shopping Cove landlord, Bruce Slovin, is not happy about Java Nation still being there, the café owners have a good lawyer.  Slovin could not be reached for comment.

Java Nation owners Andres and Cheryl Bedini were that they needed to be out by Jan. 31, putting an end to the month-to-month rental agreement they had for 17 years.

Bedini said Wednesday that he was given six-weeks notice to get out, but that was not a feasible timeline to move his business. He said he needs to bring in professionals to relocate certain equipment, like Java Nation's roaster, and he told his landlord to either give him more time or take him to court.

The new tenants for the space are slated to be Shane Dyckman and Tisha Collette, a husband and wife who operate Flying Point Surf School in Southampton Village and , which has a store in Southampton Village as well as a shop in the Shopping Cove directly next to Java Nation.

Laura Grenning, who owns the building her eponymous gallery is located in, said that while nothing is definite at the moment, the plan is for Java Nation to take over her gallery space and for her to move the gallery to another spot.

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