Jul 26, 2014
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Nammos Hit With 4 Noise Citations Memorial Day Weekend

New restaurant at spot with a history cited by Southampton Village.

Nammos Hit With 4 Noise Citations Memorial Day Weekend

For months, in anticipation of another active summer in Southampton Village, the Village Board has discussed best practices to deter noise and other quality of life violations generated by area nightclubs and bars.

One of 2011’s frequent trouble spots, according to village officials, was 136 Main Street, then known as Nello Summertimes. Nello’s closed after last summer and , a Greek restaurant and bar, but the new identity has apparently changed nothing when it comes to noise complaints.

Nammos employees were issued four noise citations during Memorial Day weekend, which included the grand opening of Nammos’ lounge on Friday with DJ Phresh and Nammos’ summer kickoff party on Saturday with DJ Cassidy.

Past midnight on Friday night, Nammos employee Emilio Eliades, 28, of Manhattan, was issued one violation. Then on Saturday night, Efthimios Salouros, 36, of Whitestone, was cited once at 11:08 p.m. and Salouros was issued two citations just after midnight.

As a violation of village code, each individual noise citation could result in a $1,000 fine, but, according to Mayor Mark Epley, the sets the actual fine and it is typically far less than $1,000.

Village Trustee Bill Hattrick has suggested the village set an escalating scale of fines for noise violations, to make the fines effective deterrents. “They make enough money on a Saturday night that $100 to the village is just the cost of doing business,” he said during an April Village Board meeting.

Police Chief Tom Cummings said that members of the community bothered by the noise from clubs and bars must be willing to file formal complaints with police for the best enforcement.

Nello’s was the center of controversy for a time last summer, after a New York Post article said illegal drug use and teen drinking were rampant inside the club. The village police responded with a using undercover agents younger than 21, and one bartender was arrested at Nello’s. Police Chief Tom Cummings said he anticipates repeating such stings this summer.

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