21 Aug 2014
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Vote on Bridgehampton School Improvements Slated for Tuesday

Proposition to spend about $827,000 on projects, including replacing the gym floor and repairing the fire escapes, is on the ballot.

Vote on Bridgehampton School Improvements Slated for Tuesday
The Bridgehampton School District will ask voters on Tuesday to approve spending about $827,000 from a capital reserve fund for several improvement projects around the school.

During a special district vote in March, Bridgehampton voters approved the
establishment of a five-year plan capital reserve fund, not to exceed $1.5 million for the next 10 years. "The authorization of the establishment of the fund was the beginning," administrators wrote in a brochure sent to voters.

In order to spend that money, voters must now approve a proposition that outlines the costs for projects this year, which will include replacing the gym floor, repair of fire escapes, removing a buried oil tank and putting in a new gas water heater, bringing in a new storage/garden shed, and buying a new generator, new playground and equipment. There are also plans to resurface the outdoor basketball court, fix leaks in electrical room, replace emergency lighting.

"The Bridgehampton School building is more than 85 years old, and has not had any major updates to the infrastructure in that time," Lois Favre, the Bridgehampton School District Superintendent said.

"Our outer buildings, originally planned as temporary buildings, have served the district for many years (many more than they were planned for). In reviewing the five-year building plan, it was indicated that due to the budget crunching in recent years, we are getting behind on the repairs," she said. "In an effort to keep to our five-year plan and assure safety for our students, the board believes that catching up with, and assuring attention to the five year plan is in the best interest of all. The allocation of the funds by the public will assist us in doing just that."

"A yes vote authorizes the necessary repairs; a no vote means that the money cannot be spent this year and will remain in the fund until authorized through a public vote," the brochure reads.

The vote takes place on Tuesday, Jan. 14, from 3 to 9 p.m. in the science/music building at the Bridgehampton School on Montauk Highway.

Bridgehampton voters, how will you vote on Tuesday? Tell us in the comments below.

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