Jul 30, 2014

Cops: 7 Cars Vandalized

Police report incidents of slashed tires, broken windows, other damage near Syosset.

Cops: 7 Cars Vandalized

Seven incidents of car vandalism were reported within one week near Oyster Bay, cops said.

According to Nassau County Police, cars in Hicksville, South Farmingdale, Old Bethpage, and Levittown had tires slashed, mirrors damaged, interiors damaged, and more within a few days.


In South Farmingdale, three acts of vandalism were reported within hours of one another. Two reports fell on Tudor Avenue where cars were scratched and mirrors were damaged. Another mirror was damaged down the road on 8th Avenue the same night, cops said.

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The Second Precinct reported the following incidents of Criminal Mischief: 

  • March 20: Winding Road, Old Bethpage; car interior damaged.
  • March 20: Park Avenue, Hicksville; valve stems slashed on car tires.
  • March 23: Hempstead Turnpike, Levittown; window broken on car.
  • March 24: Stonecutter Road, Levittown; tires slashed.
  • March 24: Tudor Road, South Farmingdale; car scratched.
  • March 24: 8th Avenue, South Farmingdale; mirror on car damaged.
  • March 24: Tudor Road, South Farmingdale; mirror on car damaged.

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