23 Aug 2014
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Cops: Hicksville, Bethpage Targeted in Burglaries

Police report eight burglaries last week, most in Hicksville and Bethpage.

Cops: Hicksville, Bethpage Targeted in Burglaries

The Syosset area is not yet out of the winter burglary spike as reports nearly tripled from the previous week in the Second Precinct.

Nassau County Police reported eight burglaries within one week in Hicksville, Jericho, and Bethpage.

Five of the eight incidents were reported in Hicksville at both commercial and residential properties. Some were relatively tame, like a Kiran Place break-in where nothing was taken. Other thieves made off with multiple valuables, like a Princess Street break-in where two safes, cash, and multiple video game systems were among the lost possessions.

Bethpage also fell victim to multiple burglaries with two reports on Norcross Avenue and Carol Road. Severity of the reports ranged from just cash being stolen to various electronics and jewelry.

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The Second Precinct reported the following burglaries last week:

  • March 5: Kiran Place, Hicksville; rear door attempt, nothing taken.
  • March 6: Scott Place, Jericho; copper stolen.
  • March 7: Kiran Place, Hicksville; cash stolen.
  • March 10: Mandarin Wok, Hicksville; cash stolen.
  • March 11: Kiran Place, Hicksville; cash stolen.
  • March 11: Princess Street, Hicksville; two safes, hockey bag, Nintendo, Xbox, Wii, and cash stolen.
  • March 11: Norcross Avenue, Bethpage; jewelry, laptop, camera, iPad stolen.
  • March 12: Carol Road, Bethpage; cash stolen.

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