23 Aug 2014
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Opinion: 'Gold Coast' Furthers Stereotype

Northport Patch rounds up some of the best blogs of the week.

.Joseph Alicata objects to the planned reality show, “Growing Up Gold Coast” which debuts on the Lifetime channel in November. “Just as Jersey Shore added to the Italian stereotype and set back people from Jersey twenty years, this train wreck excuse for entertainment will undoubtedly further the already long list of  'Lawn Guy Land' stereotypes."

Dr. Susan Bartell is a psychologist who finds fault with candidates’ behavior. "Regardless of whether you vote Democrat or Republican, I'm sure we can all agree that every person expecting to be a leader of a country should role model "good" behavior for kids and teens (and the rest of us!). Sadly, this does not seem to be a priority for our candidates."

Madeleine Berg  offers a kale, lentil and sausage soup recipe. “Kale's profile is definitely trending up. We all have some idea that it is good for us. But, when faced with a lineup of green-leafies, could you positively ID the kale?”

Dr. Michael H. Polcino addresses fears about flu shots during pregnancy. "If you get vaccinated during your pregnancy, your unborn starts to get some protection during this period.  This also gives the newborn a degree of protection in the first few months of life when their vaccinations have not been begun."

Missy Weiss explains the exciting hive life of the honeybee. “The honeybee is a fascinating example of insect behavior. These social organisms live in associations where their survival is dependent on mutual cooperation and the division of labor. A true matriarchal society, the queen bee (reproductive female) rules and controls all of her offspring (drones and workers).”

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