Jul 30, 2014
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[POLL]: What's Missing in Downtown Syosset?

With so many empty storefronts, what could survive on Cold Spring and Jackson?

[POLL]: What's Missing in Downtown Syosset? [POLL]: What's Missing in Downtown Syosset? [POLL]: What's Missing in Downtown Syosset? [POLL]: What's Missing in Downtown Syosset? [POLL]: What's Missing in Downtown Syosset?

Two years ago, . Despite customizing orders to fit consumer needs and offering high quality service, everyday was a struggle in 2010.

Today, her storefront along with four others stand vacant in the same strip of stores. The curve of businesses as Jackson Avenue morphs into Cold Spring Road have endured a recession, train traffic, and the Jackson Avenue overhaul. While some like simply moved to a new home, others quietly went out of business and locked their doors for good. All those open store fronts, including the former Cell Phones for You, , and Owen Photography, have yet to see new tenants.

"Even though downtown Syosset has some empty stores, we have been doing a lot better," said President Lisa Predmore, putting Syosset's economic state into perspective.

"We have a lot of new members joining. We've had seven new people in just the past few weeks."

As for those businesses who have not made it through the tough times, Predmore partially attributes it to a not always customer-friendly parking situation.

"It gets tight over there…[LIRR] commuters take merchant and customer parking spots, the meters don't always work."

Though the vacant stores are slowly gaining new tenants -- a CRE Real Estate office is reportedly opening in the strip -- they still must survive the sometimes harsh environment that comes with being a Cold Spring or Jackson business owner.

What does downtown Syosset need? Is there one thing the center of town could use and that would stay in business? Is there room for unique establishments or should those looking to rent stick to the basic stores and restaurants?

Vote in the poll below and tell us your ideas in the comments!

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