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Top Tarrytown-Sleepy Hollow Stories of 2012

What were the most popular articles this year on Patch? Here's the top 10, with one honorary mention.

Top Tarrytown-Sleepy Hollow Stories of 2012

Drumroll please...

Here are the top (that is: most read) articles on Tarrytown-Sleepy Hollow Patch throughout all of 2012.

1. Tarrytown's Beloved Jeannette Ho Dies

A sad story, but inspiring. Jeannette Ho spread so much joy, and she continues to do so, as this December's SantaCon attests. For holding the well-deserved number one spot, we'll call Ho, who passed away in September (too soon), the Woman of the Year for just how much these villages miss her.

2. Tarrytown Ambulance Corps Struggles with Sexual Harassment Allegations 

The Tarrytown Volunteer Corps was left reeling, with membership depleted, when members past and present stories surfaced alleging sexual harassment from a veteran member. Some were further upset with the Board's reinstatement of him to full membership. 


Hurricane Sandy hit the villages hard and left many in the dark and without heat for many days. Shelters opened to help those here but when we got our lights back we soon saw further than our own troubles. The community quickly rallied together to help those further afield who continue to recover from this devestating storm. The hub became a place for constant updates on power outtages, storm damage, photos, recovery and volunteering opportunities.

4. Man Dies at Sleepy Hollow 10K

The sudden collapse and death of a man at the Rivertown Runners Halloween 10K in October left some witnesses questioning the emergency response time of ambulance volunteers and police, but Police Chief Gregory Camp later revealed his report that the response was "reasonable." 

5. Police Arrest Three in Village Street Fight

A fight between allegedly intoxicated folks spilling out of a Beekman bar had some residents up in arms and police busy with multiple arrests.

6. Virgin Mary Seen on Cortlandt Street Tree

Cortlandt Street may have its troubles, but it also now has the watchful eye of what many believe is a sacred tree whose bark bears an uncanny Virgin Mary resemblance. See it for yourself before it grows out. There's still a shrine at the tree's base, which has attracted hundreds from all over the region.

7. Horseman Restaurant Shuttered?

A beloved institution shocked the community with its sudden closure due to family matters, but now the Horseman is hiring and about to reopen soon. 

8. Huddle Troubles? Police Investigate Bar

The newest bar in town has its share of followers and at least a few tenants across the street who struggle with the noise and late-night clientele. Some Van Tassel residents have asked the police to do more to curb what they see as too much action for their street.

9. Police Arrest Bank Manager for Money Theft 

Not safe in your own local bank? This story of a Tarrytown Chase bank manager arrested for allegedly stealing money from a customer's wallet certainly surprised.

10. Sleepy Hollow Planning Board Chair Resigned From Post After Online Sex Sting Arrest

Another local shock came when a resident and then-Planning Board Chair was arrested following a county undercover investigation. The investigator assumed the role of a 15-year-old female with whom George Tanner allegedly attempted to "importune, invite and induce" sexual engagement from February to March.

*11. Honorary Mention: Forbes Ranks Tarrytown Among Top 10 Prettiest Towns in America*

Ending on a nice note here. A proud day for a town that just gets prettier and prettier. 


Those are the top stories according to the raw numbers, but what story in 2012 in Tarrytown and Sleepy Hollow was most important to you? Most surprising? Most heartwarming? Most compelling? Tell us in the comments.

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