Jul 26, 2014

Editor's Notebook: Thankful in Three Village

Ten reasons why I'm glad I'm here.

Editor's Notebook: Thankful in Three Village

This week, we asked you, the residents of Three Village, what you'll give thanks for this Thanksgiving. Now it's my turn to share.

10. I'm a big foodie, so I'm thankful for Three Village's many fine eateries, although I sometimes feel like a college freshman again here (read: "freshman fifteen"). A special shoutout to , the most guilty of them all here...

9. I'm thankful for the area's rich history. There's always something interesting to learn about!

8. I'm thankful for the , which is sometimes a good place to but which is always a peaceful place to relax.

7. I'm thankful to have Stony Brook University and Stony Brook University Medical Center in my coverage area. Always interesting new developments to share with the community.

6. It's inspiring to see so many nonprofit organizations, school clubs, and civic groups doing worthwhile things for the community, and I'm thankful for that exists here.

5. I'm thankful for the team of writers I've worked with over the past year-and-change. It's a true example of teamwork.

4. I'm thankful for my many awesome Patch colleagues, who run sites like Port Jefferson Patch, Smithtown Patch, East Hampton Patch, Southampton Patch, East Meadow Patch, Wantagh-Seaford Patch, Bayport-Blue Point Patch, North Fork Patch, Riverhead Patch, and too many more to mention.

3. I'm thankful for in East Setauket, which has allowed me to get a little closer to the action and relate a little more to the experience of living here.

2. I'm grateful for the many residents, business owners, school teachers, local officials, and more who have embraced Patch and made it part of their lives.

1. I'm thankful for my health, my family and friends, and for being overall fortunate to have the life I have.

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