Jul 29, 2014
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Experimenting with Science at W.S. Mount Elementary

Experimenting with Science at W.S. Mount Elementary

As an extension of their classroom studies, W.S. Mount Elementary School first-, second- and third-grade students had the chance to experience a number of complex science topics through hands-on activities. With the help of presenters from Mad Science, the students each took part in workshops centered on the topics of dry ice, sonic sounds and chemistry, respectively.

During the third-grade chemistry workshop, the students learned about different types of chemical reactions, the differences between solids and bases and the properties of a chemical. 

To visually demonstrate how a chemical reaction creates a new substance comprised of its original components, the presenter demonstrated an iron-oxide reaction for the class. At each of their stations, the students then had the opportunity to replicate a carbon dioxide reaction using a balloon, sodium bicarbonate and vinegar, as well as use an indicator solution to test if a material was a base or acid. Lastly, the students learned about the differences between exothermic and endothermic reactions with the help of a heating pack.

At the end of each workshop, the students received a beaker and instruction manual to continue their experiments at home. They also earned a certificate of completion.


Photo provided by the Three Village Central School District

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