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Twenty under Twenty: Three Village Fun for $20 or Less

Enjoy the summer with Patch's guide to twenty great things to do without breaking the bank.

Twenty under Twenty: Three Village Fun for $20 or Less Twenty under Twenty: Three Village Fun for $20 or Less Twenty under Twenty: Three Village Fun for $20 or Less Twenty under Twenty: Three Village Fun for $20 or Less Twenty under Twenty: Three Village Fun for $20 or Less Twenty under Twenty: Three Village Fun for $20 or Less Twenty under Twenty: Three Village Fun for $20 or Less Twenty under Twenty: Three Village Fun for $20 or Less

Now that summer is in full swing, you're probably feeling the heat and looking for ways to entertain yourself on those lazy days. If you're like most people, you're looking to do it on the cheap. Don't sacrifice fun, flavor or quality. Below we've compiled twenty things to do around town for about $20 or less.

Drink some summery wine. The folks at Mora's Wines located in Setauket suggest either a 2009 Croix de Basson ($14.99) as a great rosé or a Long Island bottle of 2007 Pellegrini Chardonnay ($13.99).

See Long Island from a different frame of view. Gallery North in Setauket has a full slate on deck for the summer with shows featuring local artists and one celebrating Long Island's seashores. Admission is free.

Beat the heat and see a summer blockbuster. For $16 you can buy two adult matinee tickets at AMC Loews in Stony Brook.

Engage your brain. At Tavern Puzzles, blacksmith Dennis Sucilsky makes intricate iron puzzles in East Setauket for sale and offers free tours of his workshop. You can buy puzzles starting at $22. Call: (800) 992-9883.

See some really old things. Visit the historic Sherwood-Jayne House filled with antique furniture and other objects set on a sheep grazed pasture. 55 Old Post Road, East Setauket. Call: (631) 692-4664 for an appointment. Adults $3.00; children 7-14, $2.00.

Groove on some jazz beats. The Velvet Lounge, at 10 Woods Corner Road in East Setauket, offers Brazilian Jazz on Sundays to make the summer even hotter. Call: (631) 751-7575. Admission is free.

Travel in style. Take a horse drawn carriage ride at the Stony Brook Village Center from 6 pm until dusk for $2 per person. Call: (631) 751-2244.

Finally find out what they really made at the Grist Mill in Stony Brook. Take a guided tour every Saturday and Sunday from 12:00 – 4:30 pm through October. Adults: $2.00. Children: $1.00. Call: (631) 751-2244.

Gone fishing? Pick up some salted clams ($6.50), squid ($4.20) or spearing ($4.25), and fish off the pier in Stony Brook for Stripped Bass or Fluke, suggests Rick from Stony Brook Boat Works. Lures also range from $1.50 to $10.00. Call: (631) 751-1230.

Redo your address book. Trying to keep busy while sitting by the pool? Grab a cool new address book ($19) from The Writing Place in Stony Brook and finally get your contacts in order so you can invite them all to your next BBQ.

Take a boat ride and learn something. Discovery Cruise, run by the Ward Melville Heritage Organization, offers wetland excursions and educational lectures on the boat. Adult: $25, Seniors/Students: $22, Under 6: $15. Call: (631) 751-2244.

This heat is screaming for some ice. A family of four can enjoy refreshing Italian Ices from Ralph's in Stony Brook for less than twenty bucks.  There are over 100 flavors to choose from.

Beach goers. Pick up a paperback book ($6.99), a pair of cheap sunglasses ($8.99) and a small bottle of sunscreen ($3.99) at Village Chemists of Setauket, and then head on over to West Meadow Beach.

Get into the garden. Go to Ace Hardware on Main Street in Setauket to pick up a trowel and claw from $2.00 each, then get a pack of bulbs or seeds for about $4.00 each for a cheap gardening adventure.

Nothing says summer like a drink with an umbrella in it. Get a 12 oz. Margarita for yourself and one for a friend at The Bench on 25A in Stony Brook for $20.00.

Think you have problems with your AC? Visit the Long Island Museum of American Art, History & Carriages located at 1200 Route 25A in Stony Brook. See how they traveled way back when you didn't even have a window to roll down. Call: (631) 751-0066. Email: mail@longislandmuseum.org. Web: www.longislandmuseum.org

Listen to the sounds of summer. From Dixieland, Blues and Swing to Jazz, Funk and Doo-wop, The Summer Concert Series On The Green features a free series of live music events performed in front of the Stony Brook Post Office every Sunday in July and August from 7 - 9 pm. Click here to view and print the flyer for the concerts or call: (631) 751-2244

Beat the heat with a refreshing treat! You can pick up watermelon ($5.25), grapes ($2.49/lb.), a cantaloupe ($2.50), an apple ($1.25), bananas ($.99/lb), strawberries ($2.50) and a kiwi ($.89) at Wild By Nature in Setauket. Bring them home, cut them up and enjoy an organic fruit salad.

Or if they gives you lemons... You know the rest. Four or five lemons, some sugar and water and you've got a great afternoon making lemonade with the kids.

Give your time! Many agencies around town look for volunteers. The Long Island State Veteran's Home, for example, has a host of things you can do. The website says: "Your visit can help ease discomfort and bring happiness and diversity to the day of a resident." Now that's priceless!

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