Jul 28, 2014

Hurricane Irene Anniversary: Nassau County Tally

Patch digs into how much the storm caused in preparation and damages.

Hurricane Irene Anniversary: Nassau County Tally

As Hurricane Irene barreled through Long Island last August, residents endured , downed trees, power outages and damaged homes.

Local municipalities - including Nassau County - worked around the clock to clean the streets, parks and waterfronts. But what was the final total bill from all the preparation, destruction and cleanup?

According Nassau County, the total cost of preparation, clean up and repairs incurred was approximately $12 million. The county submitted FEMA claims for $11.9 million and have thus far been approved for $10.5 million.

To date, however, the county has only received approximately $700,000 in FEMA aid.

Check out the tally for the .

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